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N·VISION Your Business

Netc N·VISION your business with the Netc N·VISION RFID Solution Suite; a single source, integrated solution approach to better managing your data center tape assets. From RFID label design and printing, RFID enabling and verification, tracking and managing data tape, through converting all data tape in your company to RFID; Netc is your one-stop source for all your RFID needs. Netc N·VISION your business today with RFID Technology You Can Identify With™.

Designing and Printing Netc N·VISION RFID Labels

  • Netc Label Architect - N·VISION RFID Media Barcode Labels are available for ½ inch form factor (3480, 3490, 3590, 9840, 9940), 3592, LTO, T10K and SAIT data tape cartridges. Design, approve and purchase Netc N·VISION RFID media barcode labels in real-time. Netc will print, RFID enable and ship your labels within 48 hours.
  • Netc N·VISION RFID Blank Label Stock is available for ½ inch form factor (3480, 3490, 3590, 9840, 9940), 3592, LTO, T10K and SAIT data tape cartridges. Netc N·VISION RFID Blank Label Stock has 10 labels per sheet. The minimum purchase quantity is one package (20 sheets/200 Labels).

Enabling and Verifying Netc N·VISION RFID Labels

  • The Netc N·VISION RFID writeRFID System enables you to read and write a complete, integrated sheet of UHF GEN 2 RFID barcode labels at one time. The system reads the RFID label information created with the Netc N·VISION RFID Label System, then writes the VolSer and media indicator data to the Electronic Product Code (EPC) portion of the RFID chip. The information is write-once-read-many (WORM) permanently locked and cannot be changed. As an option, up to 56 characters of custom user data are available to further identify your tape. You may password protect, encrypt and lock this information for additional security.
  • Netc N·VISION RFID veRiFID system enables you to verify Netc N·VISION RFID labels before and/or after they have been affixed to the tape.
  • Netc N·VISION RFID Re-Write system allows you to update the custom user data in the Netc N·VISION RFID chip for up to 40 data tapes at one time.

Tracking and Managing Netc N·VISION RFID Labeled & Enabled Tape

  • The Netc N·VISION RFID WatchDog™ system with PassPort Technology™ utilizes state-of-the-art RFID technology to help you track and manage your valuable data tape assets. The Netc N·VISION RFID Tape Tracking System with PassPort Technology™ can help track the entire life cycle of your data tape assets: their deployment, auditing, movement and decommissioning. The system monitors "chain of custody" through the tape library and offsite vaulting process which can help you better account for your data tape assets, thereby limiting data loss liability and enhancing regulatory compliance. The system is scalable and features a complete reporting engine facilitating management reporting, analysis and real-time security alerts.

Strategic RFID Tape Migration Plan

  • The proactive goal of the Netc Strategic RFID Tape Migration Plan is to achieve a “steady state” over time, where all the data tape in the company is RFID labeled and RFID enabled. Our comprehensive approach encompasses planned, sourced, converted and “on-the-fly” migration of your data tapes to a fully RFID labeled and enabled tape library. With all parts of the plan functioning in unison, we believe you can achieve RFID tape library nirvana more quickly and in a more tactical and predictable manner.